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Game Changing Solutions Showcased by EnterpriseWorks at the World Water Forum

EnterpriseWorks’ Ann Koontz and Jon Naugle will be attending the 6th World Water Forum to be held in France, March 11-18. The Forum is planning to showcase innovative solutions to the world’s water most pressing water problems. As part of the preparations for the Forum EW/RI submitted solutions that are being highlighted during the forum in panel and round table discussions (download more on each below).

Two of the solutions including “bob” EnterpriseWorks’ Innovative rainwater harvesting bag and Manual Drilling have been selected to be highlighted in the rural water supply section and be featured in round table discussions led by Jon Naugle. A third solution “Growing our Water” on natural resource management, water and disaster risk reduction from flooding has resulted in Ann Koontz being asked to participate on an expert panel on management of water resources and “Identification, Assessment, Monitoring and Early-warning of Water-related Risk”. This Solution is based on EnterpriseWorks’ Philippines work that is managing watersheds and developing community-based monitoring for disaster risk reduction from flooding. In addition, EW/RI will have a booth that will highlight its work in water with a demonstration of the bob rainwater bag and Crystal Pur water filter.

The World Water Forum is the largest water event in the world; the last one in Istanbul had more than 25,000 participants. Occurring every three years since 1997, the World Water Forum mobilizes creativity, innovation, competence and know-how in favor of water. It gathers all stakeholders around today’s local, regional and global issues that cannot be addressed without all stakeholders working toward common goals. The goal of the 6th World Water Forum is to tackle the challenges our world is facing and to increase the prominence of water on all political agendas. There will be no sustainable development while the water issues remain unsolved.

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