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Wildlife Friendly® Enterprise Network Scaling-Up Workshop
Proceedings from the Workshop

The Wildlife Friendly® Enterprise Network Scaling-Up Workshop and Certified Wildlife Friendly® Tradeshow were held June 12 to 15, 2011 on Bainbridge Island, Washington. The workshop co-hosted by EnterpriseWorks/VITA, the Wildlife Friendly® Enterprise Network (WFEN) and Translinks was supported by USAID and WFEN. Forty-four people from around the world and the United States representing industry, donors, conservation groups, NGOs, media, and certified wildlife friendly enterprises. The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network is a global community dedicated to the development and marketing of products that conserve threatened wildlife while contributing to the economic vitality of rural communities. EWV is a founding member of WFEN.

Presentations and interactive events provided a dynamic setting for interaction among the participants and grow WFEN and Certified Wildlife Friendly®. The workshop included: A Wildlife Friendly® film festival featuring productions from the certified companies; the keynote address and discussion with Ben Packard of Starbuck; presentations from 10 of the Certified Wildlife Friendly® Enterprises; industry and partners’ panels; and a Wildlife Friendly® products tradeshow.

WFEN Islandwood Workshop Proceedings

Executive Summary