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The Power of a Water Pump- Bringing Clean Water and Confidence to Nigeria

Ms. Iyabo Dauda has a new role in her village of Imobido in Nigeria. She watches over the newly installed water pump that brings safe drinking water to her community, confident she can address the problem should it ever need repair. Like many women in this part of rural Nigeria, Ms. Dauda survives by cultivating a cassava plot and through small income generating activities that provide food for her and her children. Before the pump, Ms. Dauda fetched water every day from a stream situated about two miles from her village, making many round trips for water that often made her and her family sick. After fetching enough water, Ms. Dauda would spend what little was left of the day concentrating on her business activities- selling palm wine and the preparation of medicinal herbs and minerals for villagers.

Due to the scarcity of water in her area, Ms. Dauda’s village was recently selected to benefit from a water pump installed as part of the Guinness Water of Life project, in partnership with EnterpriseWorks/VITA.  Ever since the team of local contractors first visited the village, it was clear Ms. Dauda was committed to the success of the project.  The day the borehole was drilled, Ms. Dauda volunteered to be among the people trained to maintain the pump. During the training, the technician noticed that she seemed to understand the maintenance process better than everyone else on the team.  It was decided that the pump would be in good hands under Ms. Dauda’s care, so the team installed it not far from her home.

Upon completion of the installation, when the water started pouring from the pump, Ms. Dauda thanked the project team for helping her community gain access to safe and clean water. She says, “This pump will promote better health in our children and will allow me to have enough time to devote to my commercial business. I will have enough revenue to feed my family and even send my children to school.”  Thanks to Guinness and EnterpriseWorks/VITA, Ms. Dauda now watches with pride as people stop by the pump to fill their buckets with clean water or even just get a quick drink. Ms. Dauda plans to always maintain the water pump- her village relies on her and she knows it is her dependability, determination and skill that will help keep the water flowing.