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Job Creation and Income Generation in Selected High-Impact Sectors in Senegal- Irrigated Horticulture

Irrigated horticulture can provide a good income to rural families but the production level is often constrained by the time that is required to irrigate the garden.  EWV has addressed this problem in many countries including Senegal through the introduction of treadle pumps which significantly reduce the time and effort required for irrigation, enabling gardeners to double or triple the size of their gardens and the income earned from it.

EWV’s experience with irrigated horticulture in Senegal dates back to 1990 with activities in the area north of the Gambia.  The success of that work resulted in follow-on activities that expanded into Senegal’s Casamance region and across southern Senegal eastward into Kolda, Koukane and Kedougou. As part of these efforts, in addition to the treadle pump technology, EWV introduced low cost tubewells that provide low cost access to shallow ground water.  Importantly, a very interesting aspect of EWV’s horticulture work has been “off season” horticultural training that has enabled gardeners to produce crops when most farmers are not producing, resulting in much higher returns.  Responding to demand, EWV also expanded project activities to include promotion of improved seeds, pesticides and other aids for the production of high-value crops during the off-season.

EWV’s work in this sector benefited tens of thousands of small producers and businesses helping them earn more than $33 million dollars in monetary benefits. Significantly, by generating full time employment, EWV’s program contributed to the return of stability to the Casamance region after more than two decades of civil conflict.