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Senegal: Economic Growth Project (EGP)

Five tasks Orders (TO) were released under this IQC:

TO 1 “ Support for Accelerated Growth and Increased Competiveness for trade” aims to build the capacities of firms in Senegal to provide advisory services, particularly related to trade, Business Development Services, and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPS). It targets nine sub-sectors (Hibiscus, Cashew nuts, Mangos, Artisanal textiles, Fonio, Neem, Gum Arabic, Dairy, Banana).

TO2 “Cotton Improvement Initiative” aims to increase the processing capabilities and the exports of cotton products, and to diversify the exports in the cotton zones.

TO3 “Using ITC to help small & medium business grow” works with firms in the artisanal textiles sub-sector to increase their competitiveness by helping them use ICT to enhance their understanding of their end market and strengthen links between them and other actors, and between them and the end market; and enhance the awareness of Senegalese businesses regarding significant ways to take advantage of the set of new laws related to e-Business to increase their success.

TO4 “Strengthening Key Value Chains in Senegal”, build upon TO1 successes to address key impediments to competitiveness and growth.

TO5 “Increased Food Security in Senegal” aims to address the issue of food security by increasing national production and market availability of foodstuffs in Senegal. The TO is based on three main goals: 1) Increasing agricultural production and productivity, 2) Alleviating Transportation, Distribution/Supply Chain Bottlenecks, including Increasing access to Capital, and 3) Promoting Sound Market-Based Principles.

Relief International/EWV is involved in TO1, TO4, and TO5.

Under TO1, and TO4, Relief International/EWV provides a technical expertise in the BDS component., and a support to the monitoring and evaluation activities.

Under TO5, Relief International/EWV is the lead organization fort the “Increased Access to Capital” component. The component is based on three main goals: to increase the use of the DCA; to strengthen financial institutions; to Design a pilot community warehouse receipt system, to develop new financial products, and to coordinate access to credit at critical points within priority value chains.

Finally, Relief International/EWV participates actively in the monitoring and evaluation of all Task Orders.