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FRAME- Value Chain Studies in Nepal and the Philippines

EnterpriseWorks/VITA (EWV) completed two value chain studies, in Nepal and the Philippines, as a subcontractor of International Resources Group (IRG) for the FRAME program funded by USAID.   EWV was commissioned to conduct a field level assessment of natural products in each country in an effort to further understand their contribution to the local and national economies, to analyze the current operation of the natural products value chain, and identify opportunities for improvements.  In the Philippines, the study focused on the rattan value chain, as it is the most important forest product next to timber.  In Nepal, in partnership with ANSAB (Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources), the study focused on essential oils, specifically Wintergreen and Jatamansi.  

EWV led a national workshop in both Nepal and the Philippines to present the preliminary findings of the field work, obtain feedback and comments on the value chain reports, continue knowledge sharing among attendees and use the findings to influence work and follow-up activities in these sectors. Key industry actors, community stakeholders, and representatives from government offices and nongovernmental organizations were in attendance at each workshop.

The workshops assessed opportunities for value chain interventions on natural products with regards to poverty reduction, strengthening local governance, and resources management. In particular, each workshop centered around raising awareness about the importance of natural products in improving rural livelihoods and reducing poverty, strengthening local governance, reducing environmental degradation, as well as informing the involved stakeholders on relevant market forces, and institutional and policy reforms.