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Natural Resources 

EWV’s Natural Resources program boosts incomes and protects biodiversity through profitable resource management and industry building in areas with sensitive ecosystems.  The program is a pioneering effort to establish sustainable local processing enterprises by providing business assistance and introducing resource management techniques to avoid over-harvesting. Dubbed "enterprise-based biodiversity conservation," EWV's approach promotes the acquisition of economic control over natural resources by small producers through land and resource tenure; conservation education; policy advocacy; and technical and managerial training for community-based institutions.  To get more detailed information about EWV’s Natural Resources projects click below.

Biodiversity Conservation through Management of Natural Resources (BCMNR)
Guinea Expanded Natural Resource Management
Capacity Building for the Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) Project- Philippines
Enterprise-Based Biodiversity Conservation in Nepal
Promoting Transformation: Linking Natural Resources, Economic Growth, and Governance(TransLinks)
Wetlands International
FRAME-Value Chain Studies in Nepal and the Philippines