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EnterpriseWorks/VITA focuses on a number of activities that hold enormous importance to hundreds of millions in the developing world, allowing for replication of activities across regions and continents. By focusing on key sectors, EWV emphasizes interventions that could achieve significant economic benefits for large numbers of entrepreneurs. Production and distribution of products resides in the hands of local entrepreneurs and producers, fostering sustainable and broad economic growth. EWV’s programs target the following key sectors—Energy, Water and Sanitation, Natural Resources, Agribusiness and Cross-cutting.

Simply stated, EWV's programs produce results. How are the program results measured? EWV accurately measures the financial impact of our worldwide portfolio of projects through our proprietary Impact Tracking System (ITS). The ITS  has been systematically calculating the number of jobs created and enhanced, the type of jobs impacted, the demographics of employment, and the value of income and savings increases on an annual basis since 1993. EWV's Impact Tracking System has been cited as one of the most useful tools of economic development across communities and sectors.